New Season Equals New Gear


Nola in her Astral Bird Dog PFD

Spring is just around the corner and soon the snow will melt into an epic runoff for the rivers around Midwest! We have been extremely blessed with snow this winter and due to lower temperatures so far in March a nice slow thaw should make for a long spring. With the new season brings an update on some new gear I purchased recently. First, this past birthday my wife Sarah bought me a pair of Sweet Protection Shazam Shorts for the upcoming season. Major wife points were earned! I wore them in January for our trip to Hawaii and they were perfect for trying surfing the first time. I have used them in the pool this winter during classes and really like them for playboating. They protect my knees well and dry super fast.


Sweet Protection Shazam Shorts

I also found a barely used Sweet Protection Supernova Drytop on Facebook marketplace for a really good deal and snatched it up! It will replace my Sweet Shadrach Top that I have had for years and really enjoyed. Jeremiah Kramasz bought it from me! It’s fun because I had one other one and I sold it to Jakob Janquart. Now there will be couple Sweet green dry tops around. I am excited to use it on the colder summer days this year!


Sweet Protection Supernova Dry Top

Unfortunately we will not have Wausau Whitewater Park Releases or events this season. Wisconsin Public Service has been a long time partner with Wausau Canoe and Kayak and are big reason why the park exists in the first place. They are fixing the hydroelectric dam that is need of maintenance. That means that there will not be water this year for kayaking. It’s unfortunate, but the good news is that it gives them the perfect window of time to make some updates to the features at the park! 2020 season can’t come soon enough!

Some events that are coming up quick is the popular Peshfest up on the Peshtigo River April 26th-28th! I am really excited for this event because I wasn’t able to race last year. With all the snow it should make for another fun event! Another event is Kettle Fest up in Minnesota May 3rd-5th. I have not been to this event yet, but would love to make it up there for it this year! As much as I want the snow to melt so we can go kayaking, I do want to go skiing a couple times this year too. I picked up a new Sweet Protection Monkeywrench Ski Jacket and want to use it a few times this year. If not, I will look forward to using it next season. I’ll see you all at Peshfest! See you on the river!

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